Whip cracking

Whip cracking is not a part of the Bartitsu curriculum, but it feels as though it ought to be. Seattle is a hotbed of whip cracking activity, thanks largely to David Morgan, whose work is being carried on by his son Will. Every year during the holidays John Leonetti comes up from California and does a whip cracking seminar with Will and with local whip cracker/magician Louie Foxx. This year it happened on the day after Christmas, which meant that many would-be attendees were unable to make it because of conflicting obligations. As it turned out, this may have been a blessing in disguise, since whip cracking consumes an inordinate amount of space. Many of the beginners were starting out with smaller six- and eight-foot synthetic whips, but even these require large patches of open floor space for safe use. Louie brought an awe-inspiring fourteen-footer, shown in the middle of the table in this photograph, that required precautions normally associated with tactical nuclear weapons. Because the event was spread out over a few hours in the middle of the day, it was possible for all attendees to get personalized instruction from the expert crackers present, and Louie performed part of his magic show in which several yellow carnations and a banana came to grief.

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  1. T.W. says:

    I once hosted a seminar with an SAFD (stage combat) Fight Master, who was an expert with the double whips. He did an amazing demo and finished by flicking off the room’s light switches with two well-aimed cracks. Afterward he whispered to me, “I couldn’t do that again in million years.”

    Note also the Aussie fringe sport of Whip Boxing:


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