DAUE Saber thrust shield

There is probably a technical sword term for this, but, having completed the thumb shield, I have been fabricating the part of the DAUE Saber hilt that is intended to protect the hand from thrusting attacks.

After coming up with a cardboard template that seemed to offer protection where I wanted it, I transferred the pattern onto perforated steel and cut it out with a hand-held jigsaw. This is pretty thick steel–I believe 12-gauge.

To protect and stiffen the ragged edge, I welded a length of 1/4″ steel rod around the perimeter, using an oxyacetylene torch to heat it up as I went and bend it to shape. The actual weld is on the other side–it is not fit to be shown in polite company, so the side shown will face outward. My welding rig is not what you would want to use for a job like this.

A few minutes’ abuse with a bossing mallet and shot bag produced a slight outward bulge, which is not really necessary but makes it look nicer. This gauge of steel is somewhat too thick to be formed effectively using such techniques, so my expectations were modest.

Some unpleasant work with jigsaw, abrasive wheel cutter, and files produced the cutout in the middle.

These images, somewhat awkward because of the anatomical constraints involved in holding an iPhone with one hand while shooting the other, show roughly how the assembly will go together. Later a rivet will be substituted for the blue ziptie.

Next: knuckle guards. Unfortunately my torch is out of gas and so this will have to wait until I can make it down to the welding place.

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  1. tudza says:

    First term that comes to mind is bell guard.

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