Remedial jiujitsu?

Another good SAMBO/jiujitsu session on Wednesday evening. B.U. happened to be there and so we worked on certain hip throws together. Making this stuff work is almost entirely a matter of understanding balance and leverage and we are gradually getting better at it. The next phase of the session was about learning a particular ground fighting maneuver, and after that came free play. B.U. and I are both noticing the same phenomenon, which is that, during the first part of these sessions, when we are getting didactic training in specific moves, we can get along as well as anyone else in the group, and yet when we move on to free play we are almost totally helpless against more experienced players. We are discussing the possibility of setting up our own practice sessions in which we would focus on practical skills, as a way of trying to catch up. One approach would be to work through the catalog of locks and submission holds in the Bartitsu Compendium, Volume 2. Until we are at least aware of everything in that list, it’s difficult to participate in ground fighting effectively, since we don’t even know what it is we’re trying to avoid.

Meanwhile, dinking around in the basement with the DAUE saber, trying to put together a guard that approximates that of Capt. Del Frate.

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