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Regular longsword practices continue apace and bring us closer and closer to something that resembles free play. The hand protection issue remains unsettled. There has been some recent progress on this front but much more remains to be done before it’s worth blogging about.

E.A. and I have been working more on thrusting attacks, which brings to the fore the need for protective gear on the body. The I-beams are excellent practice swords in just about every way, but receiving a thrusting attack with such a weapon is no picnic. We are obliged to use the new plastic swords instead; these have blunt, rounded tips but still leave considerable bruises. It’s hard to see this becoming a popular recreational pastime!

Went to SAMBO practice last night. As is invariably the case, I had to psych myself up to go there, but ended up being glad I went. I am still at such a novice level that almost every practice brings discernible improvement. If anything is hampering me it’s an inability to remember the moves, which look simple and obvious when demonstrated but disappear from my mind immediately afterwards–more so during free play when I actually need them. For some reason I have a much better memory for sword moves.

Brief discussion afterwards with A.F. about sticks. He’s a fan of the Gemeiner la canne video and interacts frequently with the local Escrima community. We keep meaning to get together and do something in this vein, but we’re both busy. Need to check in with the machine shop to see if they are finished with the steel ball project.

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  1. Guy Windsor says:

    Steel gauntlets for the hands are a must, IM not so HO. 5mm (at least) thick leather plastrons are not hard to make, and with a gorget and a fencing jacket are adequate body protection for thrusts with steel. Plastic sucks.

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